The House They Built Around Us

Rage by Marc Moss Come inside, they said. They held the door wide as the light poured out, and in our relief to find shelter from the dark, we did not stop to notice that the shadow left behind was black and filled with teeth. Come inside, they said, and we did. We should have known better. Growing

Alien Nation

Dear Geek Dad in the Death Star Engineering hat shopping with your toddler daughter at the grocery store yesterday— My name is Karina. I'm 31 years old, although I am led to believe that I look much younger than my age. This is usually the second hurdle I have to overcome when dealing with what I like to think of

This Article is About Me, and It’s About You, Too

This article is about you. I will name no names, because our names are many and varied. Some are shared. Some are so unique as to be un-spellable at a glance. This post is directed at you, who sits behind your computer and television screens and screams soundlessly where no one can hear, and it's directed at you, who stands

Sticks and Stones and Verbal Tattoos

I was in third grade the first time I willfully injured myself my dragging my finger along the brick wall as I walked in line. It gave me the chance to burn a hole in my index finger, ask to see the nurse and leave the class where I was slowly coming to understand that I was an alien—a budding

Consent & Consequence at Cons: An Alliterative Appeal to Acknowledgement

Although stories of harassment at cons are legion, possibly the most widely spread at this moment is the story of an exquisitely costumed Black Cat, portrayed by Mandy Caruso. Those people who don't attend cons regularly may see this as a launching point for an awareness campaign, a "no big deal" story taken to an extreme, or as a "small" problem

Rage Warnings: She Was Asking For It

Picture this: You walk into a room where a discussion has been held for an hour or so. In it are a handful of white, middle- and older-aged men, all sitting around a table. They are bemoaning a woman's choice to do with her body what she sees fit. The conversation is centered around "concern"—that her choices will damage her

Weight-Shaming: The Unintended Consequences

Monique Lhuillier Spring Summer 2013 Collection Obesity is a problem. This is not in question. Anorexia, bulimia, this sickening trend on sticking women under a societal lens and demanding she lose weight to fulfill some kind of horrible mutant fantasy, this is also a problem. Pavlovian responses to pictures of models, celebrities in the news, women who are