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After years of flitting from job to job, Karina Cooper eventually decided to forget real life and make it all about fiction. She is the author of the award-winning St. Croix Chronicles, and maniacally enjoys writing across multiple genres. One part glamour to two parts dork, she’s an avowed gamer, a borderline hermit and occasional Outer God. Visit her—and her extreme coffee habit—at @karinacooper and www.karinacooper.com.

Hordecore From Way Back

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On a Personal Note

The Agony of Expectation: Growing Up Outside Normal

Love weathers all storms, across all the distance. by Mukul Soman When I was a very little girl, my mother swears that all I ever wanted to wear were pretty dresses and “girly” things. One of my first memories is at my brother’s birthday party, when I was wearing a polkadot dress and crying because I wanted presents, too. Lesson #1: Birthday presents belong to the birthday kid. It’s the only memory I have—barring the occasional wedding or

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The House They Built Around Us

Rage by Marc Moss Come inside, they said. They held the door wide as the light poured out, and in our relief to find shelter from the dark, we did not stop to notice that the shadow left behind was black and filled with teeth. Come inside, they said, and we did. We should have known better. Growing up taught me to be ashamed. It taught me that to get on in this world, a girl needs a

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Sports and Anime and The Drive to Accomplish

I have developed an unusual obsession. I first noticed it last year, when I stumbled upon a particular anime called Koroku's Basketball (or, more appropriately, Kuroko no Basuke. The direct translation is The Basketball Which Koroku Plays, but English audiences, am I right?) Anyway, there I was, clicking on a whim, and I found myself watching. Watching all of it. All of it. And I thought, "Am I finding basketball interesting?" Yes. Yes, I was. Now, to be fair, Koroku's Basketball includes talents that are so far-fetched as to

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