This is it! The announcement I’ve been dying to tell you. And it involves a pretty epic change.
The Background

Those of you who follow me—and you are awesome!—know that when the paranormal romance world got a bit smaller (markets, amirite?), I tried a few other things. An urban fantasy that did all right, what with some lovely reviews, an award win and some nominations. A contemporary romance indie line that was fun, but ultimately not for me. And some short stories here and there.

What you may not have known is that I was working on a whole bunch of other stuff behind the scenes.
The Now

Two years ago, I finished a transhumanist science-fiction book that was not like anything I’d written before. Imagine if Cherry St. Croix grew up in Transmetropolitan. It’s hard, aggressive, filled with attitude, and unapologetic. And it is definitely not romance in any way.

To say I ran into some difficulty selling it would be an understatement, but this is one of those things I’d be damned if I let stay in a drawer. I persevered, and in the end, I found an agent and a publisher who didn’t just believe in me, they love the new book.

So allow me to finally introduce K. C. Alexander.
What About Karina Cooper?

First off, let me be perfectly clear: I am not leaving romance. I haven’t abandoned it! Rather, consider this something of a hiatus due to circumstance. Given the scope of my current projects—both the new book and the ones I want to work on next—I don’t expect to work on any romance books for at least two years. That is a long time to hibernate!

So instead, I’m directing all of you to my new name, where I expect to be much more active, for the next two years and beyond. After all, even while writing romance, I was writing non-romance short stories, so I’ll likely be adopting K. C. (guess where those initials come from? 😉 ) as my main persona.

Why a new name? Primarily because I’d like to distinguish my works for my readers. To be sure, anything you read from K. C. Alexander will not fulfill the needs of the guaranteed romances. I’m not saying I’m writing tragedies! But I am writing very different material, and I’d be heartbroken if I led someone to believe they’d get what K. C. Alexander doesn’t write because it’s under the same name as my usual Happily-For-Nows and romance plots.

Because I cannot possibly keep two twitters active (I tried!), I’ve changed the @karinacooper username of my main twitter account to @kacealexander. That means all you have to do is stay right where you are! If you want to stay with me and get all my glorious spammeats in your feed like usual, you’ll still get them.

I have another @karinacooper twitter (for safety of name, reasons, and brand) but it does link over to my main one, and occasionally I will send announcements that are primarily Karina Cooper romance related. You can follow that account to ensure that you remain attached to both.

Karina Cooper will remain my main Facebook profile, at least however long until it becomes too unwieldy (I might then make a page, dunno), but in the meantime, K. C. Alexander will have her own Facebook page at Go like it for all the updates and conversations and whatnots, if it so pleases you!

K. C. Alexander has her own newsletter, and I will maintain my Karina Cooper newsletter for Karina Cooper specific announcements. I am working on some non-writing but book-related projects for Karina Cooper that I hope will please my readers, so feel free to stay on that newsletter for all the Cooper-related news I’ll have (hopefully soon!). And, of course, when I start writing romance again, you’ll be the first to know! (If you aren’t already subscribed, you can do so on the right.)
Who’s the Badass Lady Up There?

Isn’t she fabulous? That piece of art was done by Galen Dara, representative of me. I wanted to put it up here because a) so gorgeous, and b) I’m using it as the branding image for a lot of my SF/F business stuff (website, business cards, etc). Can you tell how excited I am?
So in closing…

I hope that if you enjoy science-fiction and fantasy that you’ll follow me to the new space, where you’ll find aggressive transhumanist sci-fi, gender-questioning epic fantasy, speculative post-apoc sci-fi I call Mushi-shi meets Life After Humans, and any number of other works. I have lots of stories to tell—many LGBT-friendly, diverse, and full of hard questions. Many featuring voices I’ve yet to show you.

I hope you like them. 🙂

One More Change—Let’s Make This Awesome

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